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Mackinac Bridge Sunrise - The Mighty Mac in the Morning

What trip to da UP would be complete without a depiction of the Mighty Mackinac bridge?! We made it to the Upper Peninsula just in time for sunrise however, for this impromptu shoot, we didn't have enough time to get to a location which featured both the sun and the bridge. However, due to the hazy conditions, the sun did cast a soft hue of color on the background here.

After driving all night, this was the best I (Jeff) could manage for this morning. A morning which included a defective tripod that almost destroyed my lovely (and seemingly durable) new camera and lens. As it seems that this happens only to me between Jess and I, it's fitting that my new rig already has battle scars on it to set it apart from Jess' camera. :D

Word of advice to any 'togs out there... Use your lens hood whenever possible. It saved me from a weekend of tears and, my camera a trip to the repair shop. More advice? Double and triple check your tripod... You can never be too safe.

This is a two minute single exposure using a 10 stop ND filter.

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