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Windsor's Walker Distillery - Go with the flow!

While shooting the sunset on Belle Isle a couple Sundays ago, I looked over to the left and noticed both the soft color illuminating the sky behind the Walker Distillery in Windsor, as well as the relatively rapid flow of the ice heading down the river. Hamster wheels turning in my head, I grabbed one of my filters, moved my camera around, and set up my shot...

Honestly, while it's not one of the flashier photos from the night, from a personal point of view, this is one of my favorites. I'm really happy with the layers of texture on the water, and was really lucky to have a color in the sky that complimented the buildings of the Hiram Walker plant.

P.S. I think they're giving tours of the distillery these days. So, Canadian Club fans, you should definitely go check a local institution!


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